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Published Articles


A Ken for a Better MGB - March 2019 - Classic Motoring praises the Costello V8 in this special feature celebrating Costello MGB at 50.

Enjoying MG - January 2019 - Chris Adams drives Colin Archer's fabulous MkI GT. 

Anger Management. David Simister writes in the Classic Motor Show magazine of his experiences driving Richard Fairclough's MkI Roadster.

The B Line. Simon Charlesworth examines every B constructed including the Costello models, from the lead article in Classic & Sportscar, February 2018.

Ken Costello's Obituary, as published in the The Telegraph, August 2015.

Ken's first ever magazine interview, showcased in this excellent article from Octane: 'Costello and his Attractions'. Reproduced by kind permission of the editor and author, David Lillywhite. Photographs by Tom Wood.

'Gib acht!' - great piece featuring Peter BBrodt's Costello collection in the popular German classic car magazine British Classics. June 2014 edition. Author Michael Schafer. Photographs copyright Stephen Lindloff. In German.

2000 - 2009

Michael Pearce restores his own Costello. Richard Ladds tells the story in Enjoying MG from 2000.


Article from March 2006 in the French magazine AutoRetro, in which Gilles Bonnafous waxes lyrical about Thierry Denant's GT - the only LHD Costello with Borg-Warner automatic tranmission. Photographs by Daniel Denis. (In French)


'An Imaginative Development of the MGB' - a  short article from Safety Fast! magazine (V8 Register) on Lawrence Wood's 1971 Roadster. Written and photographed by the owner.


'Multi-Cylindered Swap Shop' from the October 2008 edition of Classic Cars, focusing on Helen Massey's roadster. Written by Andrew Noakes. Photography, copyright Lyndon McNeil.


'Love at First Sight' - featuring Helen Massey's car once more, published by MG Enthusiast in February 2009. Written and photographed by Rob Hawkins.


'The Attraction of Costello' - an article from the Classics to Consider section of Classic Cars For Sale magazine, dated 29 March 2009.


'Surprise Discovery of Costello V8' - an article and a letter from the July 2010 edition of MG Enthusiast, covering two of the Costellos unearthed and authenticated with the help of


Iain Barraclough's 'History of the Costello V8', transcribed from Enjoying MG, January 1990.


This 'Mister V8' article by Martin Buckley, transcribed here from Classic and Sportscar, November 1990, compares a factory V8 GT with a Costello.


Eric Holliman examines the MGB GT V8, and drives two very different examples. From MG & International Focus (1991).


Andrew Robert's article - 'Costello Comeback' featuring Roger Cook's car in MG Enthusiast, February 1992. Photographs copyright David Reeves.


Steve Cropley's article 'Costello Magic', featuring Roger Cook's car, from Auto Classic Weekly of July 1992.


A feature on Aymeric Larive's white Mk I GT, from Enjoying MG, February 1993.


This is the nearest thing we have to an authorised Costello history. With the kind permission of the publisher, it is based on an original article written by Robin Weatherall, which first appeared in the USA in The British V8 Newsletter, Volume IV, Issue 2, August 1996 (


Mike Holman's GT featured again, this time in a 'V8 Showdown' against a factory GTV8. Ian Ward reports.


'Hidden Talent' - by David Lillywhite, from Classic Cars, February 1997. Photographs copyright Colin Burnham, 1997.


Alun Evan's GT featured in this MGB V8 Special edition of MG World from December 1997. David Knowles and Philip Raby scribe, Michael Whitestone photographs.


From Sporting Cars (volume 2, no.1) of November 1983, Pearl McGlen examines the background to the Costello V8.


A newspaper article, 'Power and Agility', of unknown provenance though possibly from the Daily Express.


Transcription of 'To V or Not to V' by Martin Edwards from Enjoying MG, November 1985, with period photographs of the original Costello Engineering premises, subsequently occupied by The V8 Conversion Co.


Having done very well out of good reviews rather than from advertising, Ken thought brochures were rather a waste of time. Here's one he produced in 1971.


'Tiger in MG Clothing', from The Sunday Times, dated 25th July 1971. Text by Maxwell Boyd and picture copyright Kelvin Brodie.


The Observer describes how the new Costello is the 'MGB that Bites'. From 3rd February, 1972. Photographs copyright Gordon Wilkins.


Autocar's AutoTest 'Tiger Tamed', from May 1972, includes all the technical details of the original Costello.


A typically cheeky advertisement from Ken in October 1973. The only one he ever placed, it was a response to British Leyland's V8 launch advertisement (shown alongside) from August 1973.


Another feature from Australia's Sports Car World magazine, 'Bomb Shell Bee' dated June 1972, in which Gordon Wilkins is obviously impressed by the Costello V8.


A transcribed article from Motor. 'Bumbling B' by Tony Dron originally appeared in June 2, 1973.

Great minds think alike? Here's a fascinating article by Al Lauder, transcribed from the November 1967 issue of Sports Car World (Australia) about a one-off V8 conversion from down-under

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