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Black Forest


September 2013
Organiser - Jurgen Hauber (Roadster MkIII)


Six Costello MGs met in the evening sunshine of Stuttgart, Germany on Friday, 24th of May. In spite of bad weather forecasts, impeccable hosts Juergen Hauber and Heike Deringer were happy to welcome the six couples and their burbling V8s at the original Solitude race course.


Over the course of the weekend, several German friends and other MG V8 enthusiasts joined the group so that at least up to 9 cars were on the road together.


In its day, the Solitude race circuit would welcome up to 400,000 spectators to enjoy Formula One racing in its prime. In 2013, the track is now a regular road. Solitude Castle, where usually new Porsche models are being presented, was the perfect stage for the Costello MGs to pose for photographs in the evening sunshine.


Saturday’s motto was “Stuttgart; the cradle of the automobile”. The group was blessed with a private tour of the Porsche Museum, close to its own factory. Jürgen sought permission to park the Costello V8s directly in front of the main entrance. Some great photographs of the cars reflected in the mirrored forecourt canopy can be seen in the Gallery.  As a special treat, the Museum workshop doors were opened, allowing the MG group to see factory Works Porsches being prepared for rallies and track events; any wrench-monkey’s dream!


Next stop was the first workshop of Gottlieb Daimler in Stuttgart. Together with Wilhelm Maybach, the born inventor developed an early combustion engine that could be used in vehicles, boats and airships in the former green house of the family estate. A short walk led the Costello group to the nearby cemetery and Daimler’s grave. Following an easy drive, punctuated only by light rain which refreshed Juergen and Heike in their MkII Roadster, the group reached Esslingen glider airfield where a snack already had been prepared. At the entrance to the town of Schorndorf (Daimler’s birth place) a special escort service was awaited; a brand new German police car. Under police protection the group entered the picturesque old city and lined up their charges at the Middle Ages market place, surrounded by centuries-old half-timbered houses, all lovingly restored.


In the evening, Stuttgart’s so called “Meilenwerk” in Böblingen presented perfectly restored classic cars, including Porsches, Ferraris and McLarens. The Costello group enjoyed local cuisine and local brew at the “Wichtel” restaurant.


 Rain failed to damped proceedings and moods as the group arrived at the Hirsau Benedictine Monastery. The northern parts of the Black Forest are perfect for smooth, sweeping drives in classic cars. Juergen’s meticulous routing followed small valleys, climbing up to 750 meters and passed through typical regional villages. For lunch, a hidden trout farm provided hungry drivers and passengers alike with smoked locally sourced fish.


The last stop of the tour was a café, famous for its delicious Black Forest gateau. At least every driver team was rewarded with a special Costello gathering trophy handed out by Juergen, who was very happy to have hosted the guests. Pierre and Claire Damiron later continued their tour with a visit to the Louis II castles in Bavaria, in all travelling over 2500 Km in their MkII GT over the long weekend.

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