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2016 News Archives

18th December 2016
Scotland Costello ​Gathering Details for 2017

Peter Brodt has sent in some details regarding his planned tour of the Scottish Highlands in June of 2017. All Costello owners are warmly invited to join in the drive, beginning and departing at any point on the itinerary, as desired. The plan for the overnight locations is set out below. As with all Costello Gatherings, please organise your own accommodation and logistics:

12.6.17    Edinburgh 
13.6.17    Stonehaven 
14.6.17    Tay Forest 
15.6.17    Carrbridge/Cairngorms 
17.6.17    John o`Groates 
19.6.17    Ullapool 
20.6.17    Isle of Skye 
22.6.17    Glencoe 
23.6.17    Oban 
25.6.17    Islay 
27.6.17    Loch Lomond / Trossachs 
29.6.17    Castle Douglas /Dumfries 
30.6.17    Night Ferry from Newcastle upon Tyne 

Please contact Peter Brodt via email for more detailed information. 

2nd November 2016
Costello Gatherings 2017


After a somewhat anti-social year in the Costello Community several plans are afoot for Gatherings in 2017.

Peter and Elfi Brodt are planning a visit to Scotland in their MkI Roadster (brave - LW) somewhere in the June 10th through July 1st time frame. If anyone else is interested in joining what would be an experience of fabulous driving roads, clear air and malt whisky, please do get in touch with Lawrence or Peter.

Secondly, MkIII GT owner Juergen Kuhnle is keen to get a group together for the 5th Tiefenbronn Classic Rally. An event now its fifth running which attracts fabulous vintage and classic cars for a drive around some beautiful parts of western Germany. As this runs from Sunday 23th July, a Costello Gathering could start Friday 21st July.


Please contact Lawrence or Juergen for more information or to stake an interest.

25th October 2016

A Costello not well known to has been sold via Car and Classic to Jonothan Bowles. It is a 1972, Teal Blue 55700 mile Costello Mk II GT, mostly laid-up for the last 15 years with only 5000 miles in last 10 years.

See more on this car with notes from Jonothan in the Cars section.

20th October 2016
MkI GT For Sale

Long-term Costello fanatic (and multiple owner) David Wiggins has decided to sell his 1970 Mk I GT.


This lovely GT originally came from MG and Aston Martin specialist Oselli. The car was restored from a burned-out Costello, re-bodied with a plastic bumper car, and modified to chrome bumpers. A good deal of work was carried out by Paul Depper of Cannock. All the instruments were replaced with chrome bezels, a 140 mph speedometer, a chrome Costello rear badge, an extra clutch servo and a recent new wiring loom and battery. The rear seat has been covered with a carpeted platform and new black leather bucket seats added. The car now has a Mk 1 Costello bonnet bulge, and a neat little spoiler across the rear door.

Contact David for more details if you wish to make an offer. See also the GT section, third car down for more details. 

10th October 2016
Baldhoff Double Restoration Bubble Update

German-based Guido Baldhoff purchased Paula Summer’s fine Mk I GT (with experimental bonnet shape) and shipped it to Germany with the help of long-term Costello aficionado Peter Brodt. Following a recent clutch bearing breakage, the gearbox had to be removed and reconditioned by a specialist. Now returned, Guido plans to fit the gearbox this Autumn and have the car back on the autobahns soon.


He is also selling his TVR 1600m, to fund a new project: he seeks a Gilbern GT or Peerless GT (obviously a British car fan – LW). Can anyone help? The TVR has had considerable work done in 2015 and 2016 and represents a good buy; complete refurbished Kent engine block (done in GB), overhauled head, water pump, high pressure oil pump, poly bushes all round, reworked differential, cooling improvements (two SPAL fans with adjustable sensor) and a lot of minor things.


Get in touch with Lawrence if you are interested or have information on Peerless and Gilbern GTs.

30th July, 2016
'Savage' Costello sold!

Kevin Savage's GT has been sold and moves across to Belgium to join a growing contingent of Costello MGs in France, Germany and the flatlands. awaits more news from the new owner and looks forward to seeing him and the car together on a Gathering soon.

19th June, 2016
SOLD! And another Costello GT takes on enew ownership

Paul Hornby and Jane Moore have purchased Alistair Rew's Mk I GT. Paul told that he 'cannot wait to get the car back home to Bath to start getting this very sound car a bit more sorted.' It will be used as is, but he plans to prevent the condition from slipping backwards, making gradual reconditioning improvements as appropriate...'most importantly we want to use the car as much as possible!'. 

Read more about Paul's car in the GT section.

20th May, 2016
SOLD! Another Fabulous Costello GT changes hands


David Cox is the proud new owner of the ex-Cope/Davey restored MkI GT. Looking resplendent in Tahiti Blue, this car was restored by Former Glory and snapped up by ex-RAF pilot David, quickly after it recently came to market. David is keen to collect the car and begin 'flying on four wheels'. He is also enthusaistic to join another Costello Gathering, which deserves its own News item!


Read more about David's car in the GT section.

German Double-Bubble Costello Restoration Developments
27th April, 2016


Guido Baldhoff reports improved performance of his Mk I GT by removing his inlet manifold to replace a leaking bottom core plug and heater pipe, also cleaning the manifold inside. Much dirt was removed, the parts resprayed and hydro tappets replaced. Having endured problems with after-market clutch slave cylinder (leaking after two months work) he replaced it with a factory V8/Midget 1275 cylinder. 

Electrical improvements are next and Guido is considering replacing the fibreglass bonnet with an alloy example which will be fashioned to form the unique double-bubble example for his car. recommened Guido keeps the oroiginal fibreglass bonnet with the car as an originality option at resale time. 


Read more about the car and its interesting history in the GT section.

Roadster now back on the road in Germany
26th April, 2016


Serial Costello collector Peter Brodt has been in touch to say his Mk I Roadster is now German-registered, converted to left-hand-drive and is on the road for the 2016 Summer! This fabulous car is one of only four konwn Mk I Roadsters to exist today. 


Read more about the car and its interesting history in the Roadsters section.

Another MkI GT Costello is FOR SALE!
26th April, 2016


Alistair Rew sadly has to sell his Mk I GT and is currently offered for private sale in Northamptonshire, UK.

More details on this fine example of a Mk I GT are in the Cars section, under GTs.


Get in touch with Lawrence via email if you would like more details on the car. 

Rarest Costello now with German Enthusiast
26th February 2016


It's great to announce that, after years of looking and trying to secure one of his own, Costello fan, MG restorer and enthusiast, Juergen Kuhnle has finally secured his own GT. This is one of only two MkIII, fuel-injected 3900cc cars built by Ken Costello in the early 1990s from period bodyshells. The other is Roger Cook’s 5-litre.

Juergen purchased the car from Ernest Praag, the popular Dutch classic car dealer. The car runs but needs some recommissioning before Juergen is able to show off his rare beast. wishes Juergen good luck in the final recommissioning.

Happy New Year from
3th January, 2016


Seasons greetings to all Costello owners, racers and fans, and a Happy New Year to all! 2016 looks to be a busy year once again with our race cars as several more GTs plan to exit lengthy restoration projects. Another European Gathering is mooted to take place somewhere in the Austrian Alps; the most ambitious meeting planned yet, but the cool air at altitude can only be good for the carburettors so do sign up once more details are posted. The Silverstone 'MG Live!' event will once again be attended by Costello MGs so look out for announcements for that (July 2016)


Looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting ever more Costello owners. Lawrence W. 

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