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Ardennes and Spa 2010

Organised by Pierre Damiron and Ben Mullaert, this year's annual get-together in Europe finally saw 9 Costellos gathered in the Walloon town of Namur, Belgium.




Those in attendance:


Pierre Damiron - Mk II GT (France), Thierry Denant - Mk I GT (France), Ben Mullaert - Mk II Roadster (Belgium), Peter Brodt - Mk I GT (Germany), Jurgen Hauber - Mk III Roadster (Germany), Lawrence Wood - MkI Roadster (London), David Wiggins - Mk I GT (Staffordshire), Harry Irvine - Mk II Roadster (Leicestershire), Laurie Way - Mk I Sebring GT (Hertfordshire), Roger Anderson - Mk I GT (Kent), Andrew Johnson - MGC GT (Rutland)


This year's annual get-together of MG Costellos took place in the Ardennes region of Belgium. Based in the medieval town of Namur some 9 Costellos and their owners gathered in the spring sunshine for some enjoyable drives through the forests of the region, enjoying sumptuous lunches and dinners en route.


Having gathered at the Chateau Namur - part of the fabulous Napoleonic citadelle - the cavalcade burbled south along the banks of the Meuse river, meandering through Profondeville, picturesque Dinant, Hastiere, Givet, the foret d'Orval, and finally reaching the destination of the Abbaye d'Orval. Most of the group stocked up on potent Orval trappist beer within this impressive Abbey, then repaired to a local cafe for something lighter to raise weary heads before the long drive North, back to Namur. Dinner that evening saw 20 Costello owners and their partners enjoying the culinary delights of the Plage d'Amee in the Namur suburb of Dave, nestled on the banks of the Meuse once more.


Much of the conversation was based around Ben and Sophie's generous welcome packs which included Thai-built Costello watches, local Walloon biscuits and chocolates, Walloon spring water and clear route instructions for our weekend's driving.


On the Sunday morning the cars had a chance to stretch their V8 legs with a blast along the A51 via Liege to Spa Francorchamps where a Costello stand at the inaugural Spa Classic racing event awaited. Admission permitted 30 minutes of track time to enjoy - at speed - the undulating, adverse cambers and sweeping corners of this legendary circuit - a favourite amongst modern Formula One drivers. All cars returned to the pits safely and without mishap despite some ambitious overtaking from much more powerful modern machinery.


Most of the group navigated their own route back to Namur, gathering once again at the Chateau for another fabulous dinner.

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