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Costello MGs in the News

15th January 2023
Costello News to be solely on Facebook Group

As part of modernising our Costello MG content and delivery, all News items will now be shared on our Facebook page. This enables far greater penetration to enthusiasts worldwide and instant interaction for those who wish to chat or discuss our hobby. Hope to see you over there! Link to the Costello MG group is on the logo, left. 

16th June, 2022
Only LHD Costello For Sale

This one and only factory LHD Costello will be auctioned by Artcurial on 2nd July at the Le Mans Classic. It's a beautiful car and a great driver fitted with lots of upgrades. The current owner and his cheif mechanic are both available for more details should you be interested in bidding.

This car is well known to as a previous owner was akeen tourer, joining other Costello owner on trips to the UK, Montlhery and the Ardennes. The popular French publication Auto Retro also featured an article on this car some years back. Read about it in our Articles

If you've never owned a Costello MG, now is your chance. Get bidding! Photo copyright Lawrence Wood

29th January, 2022
Western Cape GT Back on the UK Roads

Read about Ian Beattie's busy lockdown project; bringing back this gem of a Costello MkII to its very best.


This is a UK supplied car from the early 1970s, exported to South Africa where it enjoyed the open roads, fresh air and sunshine of the Western Cape for most of its life. Now refreshed and rebuilt iand looking resplendent in Kent, close to its ancestral home.

Photo copyright Ian Beattie. 

1st December, 2021
Tony Dron remembered

In memory of Tony Dron, who passed away recently, here's the Daily Telegraph's obituary. His piece from 1973 - when he reviewed Ken Costello's latest V8 conversion for Motor magazine - can be found under the Articles section.

Tony saw potential in Ken's product but was never a great fan. His criticisms were slightly unfair as the nuances of the conversion were still a work in progress, but he sings the praises of the performance of the car and willed Ken on to create the better 5-speed gearbox.

AN693YD Front.jpg
1st October, 2021 
Oselli-engined Costello Roadster in France now sold​

After a shortish period in the French small ads as well as international well-known websites, Jean Pierre Giron has finally sold his much-loved MkII Costello Roadster. A car known to the Costello Community for some years, and in possession of a Certificate of Authenticity, AN-693-YD is now in the safe hands of a new, enthusiastic owner, also in France.

This red example benefits from a total restoration performed in 1993, later being equipped with an Oselli-built engine of 3900cc putting out a purported 240 bhp. It was the subject of a full report in Auto Rétro of June 2013 (#376).

The new owner is proud to have a pile of old British MOTs, invoices from Costello as well as Oselli, and many other records. The car also comes with a rarely-seen Bermuda hardtop (not shown here). Photo copyright B Taillandier.

20th September, 2021 
MGCostello Facebook Group Established​

In an attempt to make this News page more active - and involve all of the Community - now has its own Facebook Group. Click the link on the left to visit. It's a private, members-only page, however, anyone can join, not just owners of MG Costellos but anyone with a passing interest or perhaps owned one in the past and wishes to reconnect with some nostalgia.

The usual rules of decent behaviour in Facebook groups are expected and all potential members will be vetted before being allowed to join. As ever, the only true criteria for joining is some enthusiasm for the marque! Hope to see you online soon sharing your restoration stories, ownership anecdotes, experience history and photographs of your car out and about being enjoyed on the roads. 

French Costello GT
17th August, 2021 
From North Wales to France - Another Costello joins the Community​

First known to in 2012 this lovely MkII Green GT made it to France after being passed on from a father and son ownership in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Now in the safe hands of Pascal Mathieu in his workshop the car is undergoing further restoration, including conversion to LHD using as much of Ken Costello's methods as possible.

More on the car in its Premium Listing here and why not peruse Pascal's other hobby site, the rare Jaguar XJS Eventer.

Mark 2 logo better.jpg
4th August, 2021 
MG Costello Forum back up and running

Following some consolidation to their servers, Nabble has relaunched the MG Costello Forum following a period where it was unavailable. However, this is not a long-term solution as Nabble is looking to exit the forum hosting space. will seek alternative platforms in the interim. ​

Create your own login and ask some Costello related questions here in the Forum, or browse a variety of related topics. You don't need to own a Costello to post. All posts are monitored for acceptable language and behaviour. 

Costello MGBs 04.jpg
27th May, 2021 
MG Costellos in Statistics

One question Costello aficionados are often asked is just how many of Ken's V8 cars were constructed. Recent publications suggest some writers are not expending much effort in researching Costello Engineering Limited's output, nor asking owners of these cars more searching questions of their provenance.


So, to put the record straight, is happy to share some data from the Costello Register as to what is known to date. These figures date back some 15 years to when the Register was conceived. It has been compiled and managed by one person in the intervening years, with data supplied by enthusiastic and willing owners of the cars themselves.

If in reading this you wish to share the information in print, you are welcome. In return, a nod to would be most welcome.


Of the 225 (approximately) cars Ken Costello and his team converted to V8 power, about 190 were GTs, in either Mk I or Mk II guise. Only two Costellos were MGCs. A Porsche 928 was also given the Costello treatment.

Of the 225 built, some 76 are known to today.

Of those 76, 61 are known to be roadworthy and enjoyed fairly regularly.

Of those 61 road-going Costellos 52 are GTs and 27 are Roadsters.


Of the 76 known to 40 cars are Mk I type, 30 are Mk II and 9 are the very rare Mk III, fuel-injected models.

As more owners step forward with anecdotes about their experiences with Costello V8 cars be sure will share what it can. Hopefully more will appear but the reach of the internet is far and wide and it is not thought there are many more in existence. Here's hoping. 

Enjoy your stats and your driving!

Wes Mc 1.jpeg
18th April, 2021 
New Zealand's roads - a perfect canvas for enjoying a Costello Roadster

Since changing hands some four years ago only one of two Costellos in New Zealand is once again on the road, this time in the capable hands of Wes McIntyre. The latest owner has been in touch with and acquired a Certificate of Authenticity and registered the car as a Premium Listing - giving all os us enthusiasts a chance to see more pictures of the vehicle and lean more of its interesting history. 

Read more in his bio in the Roadsters section.

5th April, 2021 
Mint MkI Undergoes Some Minor Fettling to Return to the UK Roads

Since acquiring this fabulous MkI GT Geoff has been busy during lockdown, finally completed some recommissioning work, which he is happy to share with the community.


New discs, pads and complete rear brakes, complete re-bushing of all front suspension, new heater, all pipework and alloy header tank (the old one perforated but retained). The car also welcomes a replacement black interior with red piping, and the battery system converted to 12volts.​

Read more in his bio in the GT section.

Geoff Peters front 2.jpg
30th March, 2021 
Geoff Peters Introduces his MkI Costello Roadster

Multiple car collector and MG fanatic Geoff has shared with us his story on how he came about this now modified MkI Costello Roadster following a spirited ride with Ken Costello back in the day. Since Geoff owns Bentleys and several De Tomaso Panteras (I want one - Ed.) he clearly knows his V8s. ​

Read more in his bio in the Roadsters section. 

1st February, 2021 
Costello History on MGCC Podcast

It's always good to hear the story recounted of how the Costello MG V8 came to be. Last month Wayne Scott from Classic Heritage PR and Media explained lucidly the history of the marque in the MG Car Club Podcast. 

The full piece can be heard here and runs for about 15 minutes. If you have any comments or reflections on the anecdotes Wayne shares, please leave them on the Forum. Always good to hear from you. 

Sussex Image.jpg
8th January 2021 
First Costello for Sale in 2021

Despite initial enthusiasm to recommission his second Costello, founder Lawrence Wood has decided to part with his MkII GT. Living overseas with precious few visits likely to the UK to work on the car have led to following a more economically sensible route and giving someone else the chance to enjoy this fabulous car.

As a reminder (see notes on the GTs page) the car has only covered some 42000 miles from new and had only one previous keeper. Dry stored since restoration in 1993 it had not turned a wheel until July 2019, then again in October 2020.

Now, following over £2000 in recommissioning work this rare GT is back up on her toes, starting on the button and stopping on a dime. In the safe hands of Gerry Wadham at Sussex Sports Cars she represents excellent value for a car of which only some 65 remain around the world. Contact Gerry for more info.

5th January 2021 
Recap on 2020

Well, glad that's over! Right, 2021, let's hope for happier times ahead! Happy New Year everyone!


2020 was a busy year for Costello MGs despite confusing lockdowns and restrictions on travel. No fewer than seven Costellos were offered or sale and, at the time of writing, five had successfully transferred to enthusiastic new owners. That appears to be the largest number to change hands in a single year since this Community was conceived back in 2006. Deals were international too; one was imported to the UK from South Africa whilst another left the UK for northern France.

Two further cars emerged form long-term restorations to be road-worthy once again - increasing the number of Costellos known to be burbling along the roads to 58. Another two joined the Community as Premium Listings - many thanks to them and to all of you who pay a minimal annual sum to keep this informative site operating without annoying pop-up advertisements for things we do not need in our lives.

Despite some travel restrictions a group of Costello owners (plus a few sensible friends with comparatively decent cars) met in Bavaria to enjoy some good food, fine beer, cruises on the Danube and of course great driving roads. hopes to keep this tradition alive through 2021 and beyond, if the conditions allow safely. 

Meanwhile we start the year with a podcast from the MG Car Club (courtesy of Wayne Scott and Adam Sloman) which highlights the story of how Ken Costello first landed upon the idea of fitting a lightweight V8 into a small British sportscar body, whilst performing some stunt driving for the movie Grand Prix in the late 1960s.

The Community clearly has an eclectic and exciting mix of tastes in classic cars that share stables and garages with members' Costellos - MGAs, De Tomaso Panteras, Bentleys, Land Rovers, Swallow Dorettis, XJS, Porsches, Aston Martins and others.


Enjoy your hobby, keep in touch and don't forget to share your own stories, anecdotes, experiences and plans with and for your Costello MGs. Stay safe everyone.

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