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23rd October 2017
Czech Roadster For Sale

There must be something in the air as yet another Costello comes to market after years of relative trading inactivity.


This car has a Biriths history but only recently moved to the Czech Republic where current owner, Marek Skok has been enjoying the delights of V8 top-down motoring. 


Marek as now chosen to sell his Roadster - a rare rubber bumper version. For more details please contact Marek directly.  

17th October 2017
Paris-based 'automatic' GT SOLD

After various attempts at private selling, this car finally sold via auction in Paris, in early October 2017. The new owner is closely to Paris and hopes to be introduced soon. The car will continue to be used but mostly on the track.


Apparently the Costello will now live alongside other cut British icons as Jaguar E-Types - so will be keeping good company. 

16th September 2017
GT Sold! New owner chuffed!

After only a few weeks on the open market, another Costello GT has passed into happy new hands. Bill Hill has purchased the Kent MkII GT car from Jonathan, driving the car some 230 miles home to Worcester from the Kent coast.

Bill tells that despite the lack of use GJB 872K is an absolute joy to drive, finding himself unwilling to leave the motorway right and lane most of the way home!


The car will require some cosmetic work in all the usual places to bring it up to the standard that it deserves.


Bill is yet to compile a plan of action, but will attend to the immediate issues in order to drive as it is for fun - until he tackles some light body work next year.


The enthusiastic new owner promises to keep updated with the rolling restoration but has an immediate need for a new, MkII Costello badge. Does anyone one have a spare?

Welcome to the unofficial Costello community Bill!

3rd September 2017
MkII GT for sale - 25 years in storage and low mileage


Jonothan Bowles has decided that too many classics can be a bad thing and is putting up his MkII GT for sale.  Having purchased a Triumph TR5, lack of use of the Costello has forced its sale.


The MG passed the MOT without any advisories and is very solid underneath with no welding. Having given the paintwork a good polish it presents very well though there are some minor cracks and bubbles, but it’s such an original car Jonothan is reluctant to change it. The wire wheels are in excellent condition as is the folding sunroof. The interior could do with new carpets as this would really enhance it.


The car being a MK11 it has the twin choke Weber carburettor enabling the use of the original flat bonnet. The engine pulls superbly with a very smooth gearbox and top overdrive driving at very low rpm on motorways.


Steering and handling are very responsive with a Ron Hopkins anti roll bar. It has new stainless steel manifolds but has developed a small blow in the rear silencer. Last week two new six volt batteries were fitted so the car now fires up without hesitation. 


The current mileage is just under 56,000 miles and all previous MOT certificates back to 2005 at 51,348 miles are present. Prior to 2005 the car was in storage for 25 years from 1991 and was overhauled in 2005 to put back on the road.

For more information, contact Jonothan here, or click to visit the carandclassic advert. 

28th August 2017
'Double-Bubble' Costello GT completes the Bavarian Tiefenbronn Rally


Guido Baldhoff participated in the Tiefenbronn Classic this year with his double-bubble Costello GT. Jurgen Kuhnle was also there as one of the organisers of the event. His own MkIII restoration project is yet to hit the German roads.

Some 180 classic cars took part in the rally, taking over the complete village of Tiefenbronn (some 350km from Cologne) with classic cars.


The rally passed through the stunning landscape of the northern Black Forest including many small villages and rural forests, stopping only at the main cities of Böblingen (for lunch) and Calw (for tea).


The weather remained dry throughout as the group reached Bad Liebenzell (10 km from Tiefenbronn) without a break and enjoyed the dinner and engine-related banter. Some of Jürgen's customers participated, altogether bringing eight MGB V8s. 


The double-bubble Costello finished the Rally without many problems, besides a slack joint at the overdrive switch which had to be fixed rough-and-ready. Some lack of power above 3000rpm was noticed so the car is now back in the garage with Herr Hempt, of a workshop called British Motors Cologne (BMC!). He will take care of finishing the adjustments, test the SU needles, spark plugs and springs of the distributor. Aldon electronic ignition parts are already fitted.


In other news, Guido has recently added to his stable with a 1973, 88” Land Rover Series 3, in its original state. Guido will use this at his weekend cottage which is some 150 years old, with a barn. His TVR is still enjoyed but only in good, dry weather.

22nd August 2017
MGB V8 Roadster in Production


Here's an interesting piece that emerged from a Motoring Classics pull-out from the latest edition of Octane magazine.

Hinkley-based outfit Vitesse Global are converting standard, factory MGB Roadsters into V8 powered cars, replete with Mazda MX5 gearboxes. In their own words 'we have developed a kit to convert post 1968 MGB’s into the car which Abingdon should have made to succeed the MGB and Austin Healey 3000, but didn’t.'

Thankfully the Octane pull-out (see left) gives credit to Ken Costello for showing BLMC how to build a V8 MGB and was noted as being superior to the factory model in several respects.

Vitesse's fitted price of the kit costs £17,500 + VAT. Claiming that when added to the value of a donor MGB, 'the package adds up to making this the best and most reasonable new and useable classic on the market.'

Frontline Engineering (once Frontline Costello) continue to construct their high-spec V8 MG LE50 (also with Mazda gearbox) and one or two have found their way into the second-head car market.

So it's not yet known how these two modern versions of non-factory MGB V8s will affect Costello values, if at all, but worth keeping an eye on the marketplace in the months to come. 

More information here:

Vitesse Global Ltd

Frontline Developments

22nd August 2017
Costello in C&SC Photo Shoot


Writers from Classic & Sportscar magazine were looking for a Costello Roadster to take part in a photograph session at Enstone Flying Club this week, as part of a wider-ranging MGB piece. Harry Irvine gratefully accepted the invitation and supplied his red MkII Roadster for the day. His photograph shown here shows the professionals at work.

Look out for the article in C&SC very soon!

22nd April 2017
MGs in The Dolomites and Tyrol

With no official and independent Costello Gathering planned this year, a trip to the Dolomites is in the offing, ably organised by Christian Bianco and Gary McCarroll (in UK). In Christian's words:

This event will be divided in two parts; the first will be based in Sottoguda (BL) in the Italian Dolomites. The second part will take place in Hergiswil / Switzerland. It will be held from 28th September 2017 to 3rd October 2017.


Deadline for bookings is 30th May, 2017.

The participation is limited to max. 30 teams and we will stay in two very nice hotels.

There will be scenic, non racing, drives and stunning mountainside views to enjoy. Be sure that it is specially planned, because I understand that it is a long journey for you to reach us here in the Dolomites. I am sure you will enjoy some unforgettable drives in our mountains.

My contact details, as the organizer in the area, are below:



Mobile: +39 338 314 67 79

In the UK, Gary McCarroll: Phone 01604 404939, or Email


This invitation is directed to MG-Drivers all over the world and for this reason hopefully there will be a mix of entrants from throughout Europe and a variety MGs, like on the past events.

25th March 2017
Peter Brodt's GT Moves to Switzerland


MG Costello afficianado Peter Brodt has sold his restored GT to a new owner in Switzerland. But not to worry, he has another, convertible Costello to keep him busy during the sunny days in Germany. looks forward to introducing the new owner to the Community. His or her car will be the only known Costello in Switzerland.

9th January 2017
Dolomites Tour Announced by MG Club

An MG event is being organised in the Dolomites / South Tyrol by an MG enthusiast in Austria, and his invitation to is extended to all owners. Some details below though you will find far more via direct contact with the organisers.


It will be based in Watles, near the Reschenpass, SouthTyrol on the corner of the Austrian, Swiss and Italian borders.
It will be held from 14th June to 19th June, 2017. Note that the deadline for booking is 8th February 2017.

Participation is limited to 60 teams, staying in two hotels nearby. There will be scenic, non-racing drives and stunning mountainside views to enjoy. Contact details, as the organizer in the area, are:
mg.dolomites at gmail dot com, or in the UK: Gary McCarroll at g.mccarroll at btinternet dot com. 

Regards from Christian Bianco.

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